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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

From our correpondent

From our Correspondent in Crocs:
Dear friends,
I hope that after shaking your legs after the swallowship you will have a very
good nite. As one of your correspondents I would like to report on a few things.
1. Innocent [Magambo] has been touched by your gesture of solidarity and says
a big thanks to all of you.
2. We missed the other Innocent who had prepared his shoes for a long time to
show us the latest strokes. Next time!
3. We also learnt that the remaining Innocent [PRO] is a very good guitarist,
singer and composer!! Keep up the spirit. I hope you will compete with
Chameleon but not in falling from third to first floor in a hotel!!
4. We also learnt with surprise and joy that PK [Peter Kalema] not to be
confused with the writer who happens to have the same initials!!! - is a very
good singer especially towards the end of the party when people have become
less shy!!! PK prefers to sing in bass and specialises in conducting songs in
bass with the support of Cyprians. The latter is backbencher and was almost
dethroned from his dept. as DJ for at one time choosing tunes that were not
very engaging until he searched on his laptop with songs using his expertise
in ICT to find the right songs. He also sings in bass.Webare nnyo Cyprians!!
5. The one who was given the job to handle finances - Pius - made sure that
nobody remained behind and made a roll call not to leave anybody in the jaws
of the crocs.
6. In the beginning Draru almost lost her head bikozi the chiken which had
been packed in the kitchen was nowhere to be found!!!! until after using the
services of UMU intelligence the kitchen - sorry - the chiken was found. She
had almost summmoned the members of her dept. including Lucy and Audes to send
them to get the chicken on foot from the kitchen in UMU!!!
7. Esther participated in a tug of war and her team almost won despite her
using one hand! Bravo Esther!!!
8. I have seen a lot of things in my life - and you do not have to doubt this
bicozi I am in the second half of the 5th decade--- but I had never seen
somebody dancing in water. Today Immy did exactly that and spent, without
exaggerating, about 50% of the time swimming.And don't tell me that her
services at the crocs are to be questioned! She could have turned into
"ekyenyanja" something of the lake, if she had stayed a bit longer. For me I I
do not swim bikozi the few times I have tried, I sink and have concluded that
I am too heavy for water!!! Don't ask me what I weigh: even the nurse does not
have a record of my weight.
9.Now get ready for this: Max [alias mukiga] challenged JC several times, the
former saying he is stronger bikozi he comes from the hills of Kabare [wrongly
spelt and pronounced as Kabale!!!] until it came to the tug of war and the
mukiga's side succeeded in not winning, if you understand what I mean but I
cannot say that openly otherwise the man from the hills will not allow IEDS to
use his buildings!!! But for me I had hoped that mukiga and JC would sort
things out by wrestling... may be this is for next time.
10. Euzebio graced the occasion and survived being initiated into the group
through baptism of fire and water. Maybe it is becasue he did not bring his
bathing suit! It was great to have you Euzebio.
11. Last but not least we almost slept at Crocs bikozi the meat of what I
learnt from Elli - correct the spelling if need be - is called "mbuzi
catholic" [alias uncle pork]"refused" to get ready for eating and Audes was
insisting that we could not take off be4 the meat was ready. If I am telling
lies I beg for forgiveness Audes!!!! We sat in the bus and
waittttttttteeeeeeeeeeeed. Then David decided to go out, apparently for a
bilogical reason, but on his way back he had a stake of mbuzi catholic inn his
hands!!! Then everybody clapped and afterwards more mbuzi catholic was shared;
Audes you are forgiven and so another kisanja!! Finally we took off and on the
way support group was baptised "civilians" by PK - not me - and Innocent, the
guitarist taught us support group national anthem.


- This news was not approved by the Chief editor and so I assume
responsibility for it
- In case it offends anybody, support group has no lawyers so there can be no case
- This report is not intended to be exhaustive and so if your name has not
been mentioned,it is not intentional. The report can certainly be completed
and continued by others especially by highlighting the things this reporter
did not see
- The news is intended only for the registered members of the group: if
anybody else reads it, it is a`civil offence but not a criminal one.
Signed PK [This time not the one who sings in bass]

Prof Peter Kanyandago
Director of the School of Postgraduate Studies
Uganda Martyrs University
P.O. Box 5498
Kampala, Uganda
Tel: +256-382-410611
Fax: +256-382-410100
Web: http://www.umu.ac.ug

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