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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Support is now on the NET!!!!!!

Dear All and Kule,
Thanks to the expertise found in the different members, now we can communicate without running the riskof losing our messages. Bravo Kule!!!! Now Cyprians, if you are not careful Kule might take over your job as in charge of ICT!!!!! You might save yourself by joining PK [the other!!!] to publish a song on CVILIANS in bass and post it here!!!

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  1. Dear PKan,
    Cyprians do alot more than blogging. However, Web20 can be handy in teaching and learning and doing joint research as well. A weblog is just a bit. I intent to make a face book which will be linked to our site to have all our pictures put in different albums on line. So whoever has pictures can give them to me on flash for the development of this web technology.